As you already know, traffic crashes are a serious problem in the Permian Basin. If you read the paper, watch the news, or check out the statistics here or on our primary website,, you see and hear about the safety problems we experience every day.

We realize from the success of our campaign to FIX 349 that public participation and support makes a big impact, and the current safety issues we see on our roads and highways are indeed a big problem. So again, we need your help.
Either from our MOTRAN site or this one, you can sign up to indicate your support for TXDOT including the Permian Basin in future funding aimed at addressing the issues by the booming energy industry. The form also allows you to provide your input on specific area roads that have issues or need improvements. We will forward your input and feedback to area transportation and elected officials to make them aware.

Far too many of the accidents we see today, while impacted by our increased population and traffic, could have been prevented by driver awareness and caution. Over the coming months, our Drive SMART campaign will try and raise the awareness of all of us in the Permian Basin by informing us about how dangerous conditions have become and by reminding us of the simple things that we already know, but too often are forgetting when we get behind the wheel.

But much like our drive to fix SH 349, we realize the success of this effort will be determined largely by your participation. This blog is our effort not only to get public input and participation, but to make it more interactive and useful.
The greatest resource in the Permian Basin is not petroleum, it’s the people, and too many are becoming statistics. With your support and participation, we can and will SAVE LIVES!